 U+F652 Unicode文字




 




Other, Private Use(その他,プライベート用途)


Base64エンコード : 75mS



In Unicode, a Private Use Area (PUA) is a range of code points that, by definition, will not be assigned characters by the Unicode Consortium. Three private use areas are defined: one in the Basic Multilingual Plane (U+E000–U+F8FF), and one each in, and nearly covering, planes 15 and 16 (U+F0000–U+FFFFD, U+100000–U+10FFFD). The code points in these areas cannot be considered as standardized characters in Unicode itself. They are intentionally left undefined so that third parties may define their own characters without conflicting with Unicode Consortium assignments. Under the Unicode Stability Policy, the Private Use Areas will remain allocated for that purpose in all future Unicode versions.
Assignments to Private Use Area characters need not be private in the sense of strictly internal to an organisation; a number of assignment schemes have been published by several organisations. Such publication may include a font that supports the definition (showing the glyphs), and software making use of the private-use characters (e.g. a graphics character for a "print document" function). By definition, multiple private parties may assign different characters to the same code point, with the consequence that a user may see one private character from an installed font where a different one was intended.[出典:Wikipedia]


という文字は、見た目が独特でユニークなものです。この文字は、少し意味がわかりにくく、読み方も不明瞭な点があります。しかし、それゆえに興味を引く点があり、独自の魅力を持った文字と言えるでしょう。 この文字を使って書くと、思った以上に楽しい文章に仕上がります。ただ、一度使ったらどこにでも使えるものではありません。この文字は、場所や文章のタイプによっては不適切な場合があります。そのため、使いどころには注意する必要があります。 そんな独自の魅力を持つという文字。最初は不思議なものに感じるかもしれませんが、慣れてくると愛着が湧き、なくてはならない存在になるかもしれません。あなたも、一度試してみてはいかがでしょうか?